Adapt for Increased Sales – Part 4 – High C Buyers

So far, we’ve identified the High D buyer who wants you to be quick, specific and to the point, the High I buyer who wants you to be fun, responsive and positive, and the High S buyer who wants you to be patient, pleasant and understanding.

Last but not least is the High C buyer. According to DISC theory, “C” stands for compliance. High C types appreciate facts and figures, so quality and perceived value are more important to them than a High D’s need for control, a High I’s need for approval or a High S’s need for stability. High C buyers are interested in full explanations, facts, details and documentation – so you better be prepared!

High C types tend to walk fast and with a purpose. When shopping that means they go right to the product they want. You’ll also recognize the High C by the papers, brochures and other information they have with them. High C’s do hours of research, usually online, to find the best value for what they’re looking for.

As you might imagine, High C types tend to buy proven products that have a history of quality and a high perceived value. You will earn trust with this buyer if you can provide written facts to back up what you tell them about product performance and reliability.

Many times, High C types are perceived as cold or aloof. The truth is, High C’s are just more comfortable speaking about facts and figures than in making small talk.

Typical questions in the High C Buyer’s mind:                                                                   –       Is this a proven product?                                                                                             –       How does this product compare to others?                                                                 –       What qualifications do you have?                                                                              –       How long have you been in business?

Phrases/questions you can use with a High C Buyer:                                                        –       “Our research shows this is the best option.”                                                              –       “What other information can I provide to help you?”                                                  –       “What criteria are most important to you right now?”                                                 –       “Based on your research, which one would you choose at this point?”

Bottom line, C types want you to be Accurate, Accountable and Analytical. Their basic motivation is quality answers and values. The more knowledgeable you are, the more trust you’ll earn with them. You can expect repeat business from a High C buyer if you have established yourself as the product expert.

Follow these tips when selling to a High C buyer and watch your sales figures rise.

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